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Visit the Instructor page of the Bowen Directory if no practitioners are listed in your area , you should contact directly instructors or schools & organizations involved with teaching the Bowen Technique as they should be able to tell you if they have trained any practitioners who practice in your area.

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My experience as a former Bowen Therapy instructor is that like Zen calligraphy, the Bowen technique looks very minimalist and it seems that there is not much to it but it takes a lot of practice to capture its refinements and many subtleties.
The finesse and the art of knowing  how to choose and combine the different procedures can take years of practice. On the other hand I have seen new practitioners obtain frequently outstanding results even before having completed their training. I remember a student practitioner in the middle of her basic training who was able in one session to totally alleviate the pain of a women who had been suffering chronically for 20 years from acute lower back pain due to herniated disks. This woman had tried many different forms of therapy  and seen various  kind of practitioners for years. They all came to the conclusion that she had to live with it. Some days her pain was so bad that she couldn't get out of bed, walk or dress herself unassisted. I personally met this women months after and she was still totally symptom free. That one session changed her life ! All this to say that as a patient, if no experienced long time practitioners are available in your area, it is still worth trying a new practitioner, even a student practitioner still in training as the Bowen Technique often achieve what some of us refer to as "ordinary miracles".



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